This is me, writing a blog to share all my adventures i have had in my lifetime so far and all my working experiences i have had abroad.

As people ask, how did i come about these job opportunities? How do i have the courage to live away from home 6-10 months a year? Is the pay good? Do you miss your dog? Do you miss home? Do you miss your family?

Throughout this blog, i am hopefully going to answer these questions and help other people join the seasonaire community off travelling and getting paid by sharing my experiences and how you find out about these jobs! Nothing better, ay?

First of all… I’ll tell you all about me!

PAIGE ANN MILWARD – i am 5 ft 2 inches tall, blonde hair, curvy, size 6 feet & smiley.

I am originally from Cheadle, Stoke-On-Trent (next to Alton Towers) – this is where i attended my primary and high school for education, taking on my GCSE subjects of Maths, Science, Geography, Resistant Materials, Religious Education, Physical Education, French, English & ICT. After this, i ventured over to the dark side into Cheshire to study Adventure Sports at Reaseheath College where i stayed for a year before moving away from home to start my seasonaire life.
I’ve always been a very active child growing up and trying to take part in any club sports i could from dancing, netball, rounders, skiing, snowboarding, horse riding etc… but what always gave me more interest was extreme sports! I love the thrill and the adrenaline you get from doing any extreme or adventurous sports, which i pursued with my cycling career. This became my hobby. My life.

Then we have my dog… BELLE!


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