Travelling Australia

G’day Mate!

This is a trip of a life time. YOU HAVE TO DO IT, if your on a gap year or just holiday, go to Australia. It is wonderful, it really is. It’s not even that expensive getting out there or accommodation with internal flights, its very easily affordable if you work hard and save. I wasn’t on planning to go when i did, it got booked around 6 months prior, when one of my friends wanted to go and asked if i wanted to go? Of course i did!

Mine and Izzy’s Aussie Adventure


We didn’t actually plan much out on our Aussie adventure, we just winged it. Starting from booking all our flight and accommodation to what we visited out there. It couldn’t have gone any better! We figured out between each other where we really wanted to visit and if there was anything, personally we really wanted to see. I really wanted to go to Australia Zoo and see Steve Irwins zoo, as he was my childhood hero and thats a dream for me that came true. When you figure out where you want to visit in Australia, your away…

Our Itinerary;

  1. Perth
  2. Melbourne
  3. Brisbane
  4. Gold Coast
  5. Sydney


I know sometimes it’s really daunting on where to start by sorting a trip like this. Easy! We headed straight on and it put our travel itinerary all together from our flights to our hotels. It basically did it all for us, we just had to tick a box for what time we wanted our flights and what hotel we thought was best. Not just where to book this travelling, its also what city do i start in? Myself and Iz started in Perth, this was because it was the shortest flight and not the biggest city which gives it a great starting point for you to get use to the time change and that.


It may seem really expensive because the country is so far away, which makes you think the flights must be a bomb. Don’t kid yourself, it was just under £1000 to fly out from Manchester stopping at Doha to Perth and then in reverse from Sydney, i think thats pretty cheap to be honest. That’s your flights there and back, now your internal flights and accommodation. Same price… We got everything for just under £2000! What a bargain! Think about it, you pay around £1000pp to go on holiday in Europe, this is for Australia… all you have left is you’re spending money and food, winning. I will let you in on a secret, we didn’t have to pay for our accommodation in Sydney so that did save us a lot of money!


Pretty, pretty Perth. It’s not the biggest or most exciting city, it’s a great starting place to get into the aussie swing of things. As you are so jet lagged and trying to get use to the time change, its hard as you are just knackered the first 2 days. We spent 3 days in Perth and saw all of the city, as what we saw basically on the first day. There isn’t a lot to do there however, the islands around it are beautiful, it is a pretty city.

Myself and Iz took the hop on hop off bus on the first day, to get our bearings off the city and see what was out in Perth. It’s a mint way off doing all the ‘tourist’ bits of the place, even the bus driver is so friendly and maps out for you where to go visit and jump off the bus. My favourite place in Perth was Rottenest Island, this is such a stunning place. If you are looking for a relaxing beach day, this is the place to do it! You jump on a ferry and it takes you over to the island itself, then your let roam to find your own little private beach stop. It’s as if you have stepped out into paradise, white sands and bright blue sea. YUM! When people visit the island they normally jump on a bike and cycle to each little cove or there is a ‘explorer bus’ which takes you around the island and can jump off anywhere that tickles your fancy. Lots of private yachts and boats pulled in! Probably wished we knew about Swan Valley earlier, as it was a great place we visited. It is famous for the winery’s, chocolate factory and the cider, all made right in front of you. Fresh! It’s basically where you do a bar crawl, but in wineries and cider factories with free tasters driving around the 36 km track. HIGHLIGHT: CHOCOLATE FACTORY!

Hence why i never called it ‘Party Perth’! If you are looking for a party… Perth isn’t really the place! We only noticed a couple of restaurants there with a couple of roof top chilled bars, that’s it. It’s the sophistication off Australia with the twist of business central. You have your normal Jamie’s Italian and even a Nando’s, i was gobsmacked! The Aviary is a cool rooftop chilled bar to visit, with a live DJ playing house music, it’s the place to be on a Saturday night. That’s the best you will probably get…


Marvellous, marvellous Melbourne. Wow. It is just like London. London with skyscrapers, imagine that and then you have Melbourne. Very busy. It wasn’t my favourite place, i didn’t like it as much as i expected. However, there is so much to do and see because it is so big! You jump on a tram and you never know where you’ll end… That happened to me and iz a few times. We only spent 4 days in Melbourne but you could easily spend more as there is so many places to visit close by.

As i said it is just like London, Melbourne had Boris bikes but they are just called Melbourne bikes! We hired them on the first day and razzed along the side of the sea, following a cycle path and stopping off to get ice cream on the way. As Melbourne is so huge and instead of standing on a tram all the time, it’s a cool way to just follow the cycle signs and get around the city, so easy! Probably, my favourite thing we did in Melbourne, the Great Ocean Road Trip. What an experience! Encountering wild koalas, twelve apostles, walking through a jungle and finishing off with a pizza on the beach. It is a long day with an early morning start, but the road trip itself is just breathtaking. The sights are stunning! It is just postcard perfect, the way the waves crash up against the rocks and the sun beams down on you, there is nothing better. We also did Melbourne museum, Queen Victoria market and St. Kilda, Luna Park. HIGHLIGHT: LUNA PARK MANUAL ROLLER COASTER – literally a women stood on the ride pulling a handle up and down to slow us down or speed us up #THRILLING

Marvellous Melbourne didn’t disappoint with its food choices and night life. If you love a good Chinese, sushi or Japanese food then you will love this place! Head over to china town and choose one of the 1000 choices you have… we went to this Chinese and this lady literally made my duck pancakes right in front off me, it was delicious. Oh yeah, if you love a juicy burger, Betty’s Burger is for you. The cute tuck shop eat-in, is a trendy fast food restaurant where you get the best burgers in the city. Myself and Iz literally lived in there, we love a burger! You are spoilt for choice with food, there is a restaurant every corner you take in Melbourne. NOM. Anyway’s enough of food, it’s the weekend, where’s the party at? We started off at Union Electric Bar & Rooftop Gin Garden to get a couple of cheeky cocktails, well i say a couple, it  soon turned into a few. Such a rad place! Its quirky, unique and such a cool vibe, it’s a chilled bar for you to get started where you can talk to your mates and warm that body up with some gin. I love to throw a move on the dance floor, heading over to House of Maximon, gives you 3 different choices off clubs you can go into depending what vibe you are feeling. It ranges from latin America to typical RnB. But, if you head to the top floor and ring the door bell, you’ll enter Berlin Bar, it’ll take you back to the war and you’ll experience an amazing cocktail!


Beautiful, beautiful Brisbane. You little gem. This was my favourite place! Probably because this was where Australia Zoo was but still, it was a very good city vibe. This city even has a CITY BEACH, how cool is that? We didn’t spend much time in and around the city as we were so busy the rest of the time by only spending 3 days here, we defiantly needed longer. It is a very active city, i don’t mean by working all the time, i mean very fitness orientated. I find a all the places we went too, is very like this as they are all in their gym pants either running or doing something physical.

As i have already mentioned, the home of Steve Irwin is just a 40minute train outside of Brisbane. This was the most exciting and amazing day off my life, i just generally couldn’t believe i was at Steve Irwin’s zoo! OH MY GOD! How lucky am i? Australia Zoo is defiantly the best zoo i have ever been to, but also visiting my childhood’s heroes home is more why i am so biased. I never have been so happy! We got picked up in a Australia Zoo transfer shuttle when we got off the train and it took us straight to the front gates… Amazing! The only other thing we had time to do in Brisbane was go visit the Botanical Gardens and the City Beach. The City Beach is one cool little beach, you walk over the bridge to the other side of the City and boom, your in a middle of a beach. Weird right? HIGHLIGHT: I CUDDLED A KOALA & FED A KANGAROO!

Beautiful Brisbane defiantly had the sights, but did it have the food? Oh it sure didn’t disappoint! Everybody loves a chocolate fondue, right? Well, Max Brennan is a very famous chocolate maker over in Oz and he has his own chocolate cafe, which is so scrumciously delicious. Myself and Iz, lived in this shop. We also had a chocolate fondue for 2, it came with all your dips and lots of chocolate. Mmmm, i could just eat that right now. NOM!

One thing Australia do well is Breakfast. 

Gold Coast

Gorgeous, gorgeous Gold Coast. We drove from Brisbane to the Gold Coast, as it was only an hour’s drive direct so we stopped off on the way at different little bay’s to have a beach stop and a bite to eat. I thought the Gold Coast was going to be literally a Surfer’s Paradise, as thats how it’s described. With lot’s of surfers, students, young people and a good night life. However, it wasn’t as ‘surfer’ paradise as i was expecting, i was a little disappointed not seeing as many long, blonde hair aussie surfers. What the Gold Coast do have is amazing beaches!

The Gold Coast is used for the beach life… You spend all your time on the beach, looking around the surfer shops and riding around on electric scooters. Oh these Electric Scooters are ace, they are so easy to hire and razz around the Surfers Paradise on. They go up too 25mph… HIGHLIGHT: We did have one hilarious moment on the scooters, as they are quite nippy little things. Myself and Izzy were scooting along the promenade and we came to a dead end, so i turned around to go back where we come from and then i turned around to watch Iz. Then all of a sudden, Izzy is on the floor in front off 20 people crashed into a bin. This was a serious Bridget Jones moment, HILARIOUS! 

Gorgeous Gold Coast didn’t disappoint with the food or the bars they had on offer. If you love seafood, it’s the place to be, with fresh sea food caught for you to eat. Yummy chocolate fondue sets at the ready. Smoothies on the go. Everything seem’s so healthy and if you don’t mind trying new food, this is the best place to do it as there is so many opportunities.

Gorgeous Gold Coast didn’t disappoint with the food or the bars they had on offer. If you love seafood, it’s the place to be, with fresh sea food caught for you to eat. Yummy chocolate fondue sets at the ready. Smoothies on the go. Everything seem’s so healthy and if you don’t mind trying new food, this is the best place to do it as there is so many opportunities.

BEA415AC-211E-466E-A089-C199E71FAA2F 2.JPG
Gold Coast, Surfers Paradise Apartment


Spectacular, Sophisticated Sydney! You see Sydney Harbour and your mouth just drops. It is truly spectacular. There isn’t anywhere else like it in the world, it is a place you just have to go and see to get the true wow factor. Doesn’t matter how much Sydney gets hyped up, it is just an amazing sight to witness.

Where do I start with the things to do in Sydney? So many! Shopping, sightseeing tours, climbing the harbour bridge, touring around the opera house and much more… There is just so much to choose from! Myself and Izzy literally covered the whole of Sydney, well there was so much more to see to be honest and we were there for 10 days. We defiantly could have had longer! My favourite activity i took part in, in Sydney would be the CLIMB over the Sydney Harbour Bridge, the view, the history and the climb up is just out of this world. It was very historic and interesting about how the builders built the bridge and what happened around the harbour in the olden days. The most interesting fact i learnt: Thousands of people helped to build the bridge and took over 10 years, only 16 people died and only 3 of that 16, actually fell of the bridge. Another amazing, historic and interesting tour is the Opera House Guided Tour. You are able to go inside and see whats inside the Opera House, it’s stunning but the Opera House isn’t made out what you think it is… There is so many amazing beaches there too and quite places for you to go instead of the mainstream, busy beaches. Shelly Beach, is an awesome snorkelling quite beach!

Spectacular, Spectacular Sydney where do you even choose to eat? So many choices! So many places! They are all just so yummy! Cafe Sydney, is in the most spectacular location in the city. You’re eating your oysters over looking the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge, can’t get much better than that? We went to a place called Mr Wongs, if you love a Chinese you will love a Mr Wongs! But ill tell you now, you will never have a take-a-way Chinese ever again… But of course when your in Australia you HAVE to taste Kangaroo & Crocodile, its tradition right? The Australian Pub is the place to go. It is the oldest pub in Sydney, located in the Rocks, is the place to try these exotic foods because they do it on a pizza! Everyone loves pizza, so it’s the best way to try these. I can defiantly say Crocodile is YUMMY!!!!!

Thank You to the Kelly’s for hosting Myself & Izzy




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