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I want to do this ski season just all on repeat. Same people. Same resort. All again.

There is so many hilarious stories and moments that i have shared with my Finland team, we have all been through it together. I can say, we were truly one family. We really looked out for each other through thick and thin.

We all had our roles with in the team;

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  • Sarah – Mother
  • Jade – Auntie
  • Hannah – Big sister
  • Hollie – Little sister
  • Me – Little sister (we were the trouble makers)



Coach Journey

Just like what i experienced with Lakes and Mountains, i was experiencing again. The nerves. However, i was more confident because i already knew a few people coming on season with me. But instead of flying, we were getting a coach over to Austria for training then flying from there to Finland. It was a long journey… with around 3 flights! Anyway’s i got chatting too Jade and i already knew Sarah, we all figured we are all in the same resort together. Amazing! Then my life soon changed around, meeting the one and only Hollie. Dolly. Dolly. Dolly. This girl. As soon as we met eyes, we knew. We knew we were going be best friends. We were sisters. We bonded on the whole coach journey up, we just got each other. I couldn’t imagine not having my Dolly in my life!

The coach journey up, was one long journey. We just put on Pitch Perfect and had a massive sing-a-long, i can say Leon was the highlight with his professional karaoke voice coming out of him. 

Finally, arrived back in St.Johann. This was great. I knew all the bars to go too and have a boogie. I knew where to go. Also a bonus, i knew the bar staff for getting those spritzers in. It was a special time of year because it was running up to Christmas, which meant the Christmas markets was all on, reminds me of Arendelle (Frozen, FAVE movie EVER). Anyway, we had the same training as what i experienced in the Summer, which was cool because i felt like yes, i knew all this, answering all the questions and its just a refresher for me. It came to, that the Finland way of running a resort is completely different to the Austrian way.

Finland, Ruka

IMG_1788We arrived at the little village off Ruka, it was beautiful, snow capped trees everywhere and little log cabins. Winter Wonderland. The snowboarding out there was amazing as there were fresh powder everyday and the slopes were so quiet because when you were out shredding you would never see anybody, max 5 people. Well, i always thought about max that but when i every bailed it their always was more than that… I was snowboarding over too Ski Bistro, to see off Ski School and make sure all our customers were in the right groups. I was coming pretty fast down the red and i caught in my heel edge, straight down. I can’t remember, blacked out. Concussion. My helmet had cracked straight in half. However, one of my customers was on the chair lift at the time and twitted us saying “One of your rep’s has just taken a hit at Vuossil, looks like she will have concussion, keep an eye on her”. Oppsie. The only time i felt like i was back in Austria, queuing for the lift, was Christmas Day. Moving on to Christmas, this was my real proper Christmas away from home and its not a nice feeling as my mum’s birthday is on 25th December too. On the other hand, i couldn’t of been in a better resort to celebrate. Myself and Sarah went to see Santa christmas eve, topping up our christmas list, i had the evening off and the day off Christmas day. We all went skiing and snowboarding that day, with a yummy meal in Küüksa afterwards to eat some Rudolph. GUILTY. Yes, I’m sorry, i ate Rudolph on Christmas Day…  Everything just felt so christmassy, even though i wasn’t at home and YES, i was missing my family a lot but not as much as i expected. When you are away, its just another normal day and nothing actually changes, except my mum gets older.


Every evening, when i walked down to my customers accommodation, the Aurora Borealis always came out to dance. There is no better walk to work, then that. 


Working and living in the Artic Circle can certainly be cold. Day to day it would change dramatically, one minute it is -35 to the next only -10. I know they both sound freezing however, when you live out there you adjust to the climate and -10 seems oh so tropical, you can actually go to the bar with just a hoodie and not 100 layers. It was our last week in resort, myself and hollie wanted to be out every single night to make the most of it as we really didn’t want to leave! Bare in mind, we already been out 4 nights on the trot now and this was probably Thursday night. The main bar over there was Hankis Barri, it had beam bags everywhere and snowboards, it was such a cool bar and we loved it in there. Me and hollie, party animals we are, plonked ourselves on the beam bags and we were just so exhausted – we fell asleep. Fell asleep in Hankis Barri. How embarrassing. Luckily, the bar own liked us… We got woke up by Taneli (bar owner) to say they were closing, instead of us leaving, he let us stay for the night on the beam bags. #Hanki

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