Working for Santa

I got paid to play in the snow, toast marshmallows and talk to Santa..

Not many people can say they have worked for Santa in Lapland… I CAN!


23rd November 2015 i flew out to Karesuvanto, Lapland and started my Seasoniare life.

I just needed a winter season job and what a better way of spending it than being an elf?

“Why did you want to be an Elf?” – My family and I are massive lovers of Christmas. We always go to town when we are celebrating and Santa always comes EVERY year, so why not go and work for him? I always thought ” what an amazing experience of making children’s christmas dreams come true because to them, YOU ARE THE ELF, ACTUAL ELF”. My name was snowflake.

“How did you come about this job?” – Well, I was looking for winter season jobs and an elf position came up at Blithbury Reindeer Farm. I thought what a great idea! I applied for this position… Then after I applied I started to wonder if i could actually be an elf in Finland?  I searched online and found a position with Santa Safari. I got interviewed for both jobs. Got both of them. But… it was a “no brainer”to take the one in Finland!


This job was such a dream come true! It was definitely one of my bucket list wishes ticked off… just like how I want to work in Disney Land Florida as Stitch! It was such a surreal experience.



I was actually eating my tea with Santa Claus because his actual laugh was “HO HO HO” – Reality Check.

What did the job involve?” – I was there to make the families’ christmas. It was a magical experience. I was classed as a ‘Day Elf’,which meant I saw the families who came for the day. There would be a flight that came in from London or Manchester, they would be dropped off in the morning and flown back home at night. Only 2 families at a time were allowed to see Santa because they got transported on a sledge across the frozen lake to where Santa’s grotto is and it actually was based in Sweden… so you are an hour younger! Anyway,there were two elves per grotto and I was with another elf, Bethany. When we saw the sledge coming over the lake, we used to act like twi shy, naughty elves and then we both would have a family each. One would go in and see Santa, the other would make snow angels in the snow or go and toast marshmallows and get the family excited to see Santa. If i wasn’t “elfin”,I was helping the husky farm to shovel the snow off the tracks. FUN!

Funny thing was, my Santa was WELSH! LOL.


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