Thomson Lakes & Mountains

Welcome to my beautiful home for summer 2016. Kitzbühel in Austria.


I literally was living in the middle of the Austrian Alps all summer. What a life to live. It was such an inspiration to wake up in the morning and just go for a ride or a hike, it kept you active and made you want to be out in the clean air 24/7.

This is your job.

Now, this time round. I was moving to Austria for 6 months. 6 months! It seemed such a long time before going and I didn’t know what I was going to be expecting? I was going into the unknown… I remember being oh so excited, but oh so nervous. Meeting all new people, trying to learn all about the job, knowing all about the resort and even trying to learn a little bit of Austrian.


I was flying from Manchester airport, all very anxious and excited because I knew I was meeting a few people at the airport so we could all fly out together and start our training. The first person I met was Pringle, it was her first time as well, turned out that she ended up being my flatmate too. This is where a very good friendship started… Pringle put me at ease, then I met Annabelle. Annabelle  was also going to be working in the resort with me too, I felt so much better for meeting my work colleagues. When we arrived at Munich airport, this is where we met all the rep’s in all the resorts and all went for a large beer at the open aired bar before I transferred  to St.Johann for training.


This is where we did all our training to be up to the ‘Thomson Standards’ to be a holiday rep. The training wasn’t the easiest of training. It was hard. Learning all the different systems we use as a rep, knowing how to use your iPad appropriately, conversational selling and the list goes on. As there was a mix of experience in the room, with a couple of us having never rep’d before whilst the majority had. I felt the training proved more difficult for myself because I had never done the job before or worked for the company, so it was all new. It felt like a refreshers training for people who’d done the job previously. However, I got on with it and nailed it down. I met so many people and a lot of people are still good friends with me now… We all went out together at night, especially to the local Rogis. They were always unforgettable nights.

To be honest, I never really drank before. Joining the rep team, I felt changed me into liking alcohol, especially a spritzer. 

Eagles Nest

Throughout training, the best thing we got to do …ALL the excursions we sold, because we had to know exactly what we were talking about. My favourite was Großglockner, it was thrilling and absolutely stunning, the winding road up to the top is an amazing feet of engineering. Especially when you drive up, you stop off at the Marmot cafe to see all the Marmots run around. The view is just spectacular!


The first lot of customers came the weekend of 19th birthday. I was so so nervous. I didn’t know what I was expecting but I just knew I had to do a transfer speech and make sure everyone has their lift passes sorted. I kept thinking, ‘what happens if I drop all of these list passes? d

Drop all the welcome packs? Have I got enough pens? Am iI loud enough on the coach? What do I do at the airport? Oh Jesus’. Everything was running through my mind… I was worried about nothing! It went as smooth as a baby’s bottom. Nailed it. Then I needed to make sure throughout the week that my customers were 100% happy and they knew all the hiking routes. #resortknowledge

Tyrollean Evening

It wasn’t just all work though. We had a lot of playing. Lot of partying. I was in one of the best resorts as there was a festival nearly every weekend, where we had to wear our dirndls (traditional Austrian dress) where you drink lots of beer and do a lot of dancing on tables. The festivals were really cool and unique for example,we would have a fireman festival, as the firefighters are volunteers over there, they would have a big party to celebrate what they do!

I did a lot of sports out in the mountains in my time off. Lots of mountain biking, hiking, canyoning, water-skiing and many more adventure activities. I had a few falls riding, as you do, the normal bruising here and there. Unfortunately, my season came to a quicker ending then I expected. My team just had a change over with whom was repping in my resort which meant I gained Hayley and Will. They were new to the resort so they were doing all the activities I did at the start. I had the tuesday morning off at the same time. Will & Hayley were going canyoning and they asked me to come along.. Of course I went! I loved canyoning! We started off, all jumping in one by one. It came to my turn, I jumped and landed on top of a rock. I knew straight away I’d done something.. I broke my heel.

(The week before water-skiing)

Manager: Paige, don’t go do those jumps, I don’t want you braking anything, I know what you’re like. 

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