Kingswood Outdoor Activity Centre


I studied Adventure Sports at College and coming into my second year, I was discussing with my tutor whether I should go into university studying adventure sports, because I had enough UCAS points or if I should be pulled out of college and go into a job? It was a big decision! However, a job opportunity came up to be an outdoor instructor at Kingswood Outdoor Activity Centre, which is a children’s residential camp… i went for it!

Moving down to Norfolk, West Runton.

This was my first time being away from home at 18 years old, soit was a big thing! I packed my little Fiat 500, who’s name was Percy, with all my belongings that I would need and moved down to the Norfolk Coast in West Runton. It was one massive adventure for me and very exciting. The feeling off moving away from home and being independent was an amazing thought at the time. However, the reality of it is another story… because I have neverever had to do anything myself. My mum always did my washing, cooked for me, tidied my room etc… but when I moved out, I didn’t have my mum living with me anymore, doing all these daily jobs. I HAD TO DO IT! It all was so alien to me. I even had to ask how to use the washing machine… To be honest my room mate, Frankie, always did it for me. GUILTY.



I was really lucky because I was working with some great supportive people, even though I was the youngest instructor there, they helped me improve on my instructing and made me into a child friendly outdoor instructor. As I am a very outgoing individual, they helped me work towards my Mountain Leader Award and Climbing Award by going on specific expeditions to help me improve these skills, building up the pressure going in to the assessment days. For example,in the photo above, which was taken at the peak of Kinder Scout where they let me lead us all to the trig point. I did expeditions in Wales and around the Norfolk coast too, to improve my navigating skills.

 I learnt a big life lesson moving away from home – I can’t do my washing. 


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